Network Administrator Salary – How Much Does a Network Administrator Make?

Computer and other modern technologies form a great part of many industries today. They rely on such technologies to perform many of their functions and tasks. In line with this, to ensure that these modern facilities are fully functional, organizations need the help of experts to help them monitor and maintain such technologies. This is where the roles of network administrators come in. Network administrators are undeniably some of the most important parts of these organizations. Such is the case due to their prowess in the meticulous processes involved in the configuration and maintenance of various computer systems used within an organization. Without a doubt, network administrators play a vital role for the different departments of businesses to function well. If they weren’t around to look after businesses’ networking needs, many technological aspects of an organization. With the robust developments in technology, modern machineries such as computers perform a key role for organizations to keep up with the fast pace and demands of our modern world. Now that we know how significant technological workers such as network administrators are in our present times, you might end up wondering about other information about network administrators. Hence, let us look into this profession further and discuss some aspects of it such as learning about a network administrator salary.

In 2010, the median annual wage of network administrators was recorded to be $69,160. This is equivalent to a rate of $33.25 per hour. Network administrators work for different industries other than the field of computer systems. These industries include health care, manufacturing and education. Out of all these sectors, network administrators earned the most in computer systems design and related services with a median annual wage of $74,230 which is a rate higher compared to the general rate mentioned earlier. Moreover, the job outlook for network administrators is expected to have an increase of 28 percent between the years 2010 and 2020. This growth is higher than the average compared to other occupations. Such an increase is expected due to the growing dependence of various industries for newer technology. These sectors are anticipated to invest in building better computer systems for the sake of their respective companies’ security and other information technology (IT) needs. In line with this, it is apparent how network administrators are the people to be trusted when it comes to managing the systems that will sprout alongside new technologies. [1]

Network World, a premier IT resource in the World Wide Web lists 15 IT occupations that can expect to have promising hikes in their salaries for 2012 and 2013 alone. The records provided are based on research done by trusted IT recruitment firm Robert Half Technology. Network administrators are a part of the 15 occupations listed and individuals from this profession are expected to have an increase of 6.8% between 2012 and 2013. The figures given on the list do not include other bonuses and benefits. Hence, the figures represent only a typical starting compensation. [2]

To become a network administrator, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a relevant may be favorable when seeking employment. However, a bachelor’s degree isn’t always the minimum requirement since aspiring network administrators may also choose to complete an associate’s degree or obtain a certification instead. It is important for a candidate to be proficient with programming and networking concepts. Acquiring work experience to gain familiarity with these concepts would be helpful in increasing a candidate’s chance to get employed. Certifications are also recommended especially if the candidate wants to gain a certain degree of competence in the field. Companies such as Cisco and CompTIA Network+ offer certifications, the requirements for these certifications may vary and a minimum number of years for experience may also be needed for the exams. Gaining credential through these certifications may assure employers that candidates have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge that a job demands. In addition, credentials show that the candidate has had obtained a certain degree of expertise in the field. Thus, there is a possibility that better prospects await individuals who gain credit. Also, this can mean that an increase in their network administrator salary can potentially be given.

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Home Security

ADT covers all 50 states with four strategically placed monitoring centers. Certain services may not be available in all areas, so please call us now to find out what services are available in your specific area. Our staff is standing by to answer all your questions and to help get you set up with a secured monitored home.

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Compare Home Security Systems

Looking for a home security company? Check out Home Security Smith for easy to read comparisons on security companies.

Home security is something applicable to all of us and involves the security hardware in place on a property, and personal security practices. The hardware would be the doors, locks, alarm systems, lighting, motion detectors, and security cameras systems that is installed on your property. Personal security practices would be ensuring doors are locked, alarms activated, windows closed, extra keys not hidden outside and many other routine tasks which act to prevent a burglary. According to an FBI report 58.3 percent of burglaries involved forcible entry. A typical burglary lasts for about 8 to 12 minutes and on average a burglar will break into a home within 60 seconds. Home security can be strengthened by adding a first line of defence like a thorny shrub or bush to give the burglar a hard time. A motion activated bright light can play a psychological role in deterring a burglar, also acting as a second line of defence along with outdoor security cameras. In order to protect the entry points, we need to have window and door sensors. Once a burglar gets passed the second line of defence, motion detectors kick in. A motion detector can raise an alarm or send a security footage to the homeowner if it’s linked to a camera system. Investing in a small safe for storing valuables like passports, jewelry, important documents, is a good word of advice. Common security methods include never hiding extra keys outside, never turning off all the lights, applying small CCTV stickers on doors, and keeping good tabs with neighbours.

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Rodney Bartruff appointed VP of Marketing

Rodney helped form Metro Home Security in early 2015 as the company’s marketing director. He was promoted to reflect his increased contributions to Metro Home Security’s marketing department, says Robert Miller, Metro Home Security’s Chief Operating Officer. His duties will include supervising hiring, budget, and overall direction of the company’s rapidly expanding marketing division, Miller added. Rodney will also be responsible for digital marketing as well as leveraging traditional channels.

Call 1-888-945-8201 to speak with a Metro Home Security home security expert about a wireless alarm system.

Visit for more information.

About Metro Home Security

Based in Dallas, Texas, Metro Home Security is one of the nation’s fastest growing wireless home security companies. The company offers many exciting new aspects to home security. Along with great customer service.

More at: PrWeb

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Glas Cleaning with Newspaper

Cleaning glass

Get a bang for your buck with these unusual newspaper uses.

Claim: Newspapers are an effective way to wipe glass windows clean, sans streaks.
It’s True! Our grandparents were right – the 50-cent daily can double as a glass cleaner. Newspapers are made of dense fibers that contain no solid, scratching materials like silica or calcium carbonate. Compared to paper towels, newspaper fibers are more rigid and will not separate and cause lint. According to The Daily Reporter, more than 90% of U.S. papers switched from petroleum-based ink, which caused stains and smears, to the cheaper, smear-free alternative of soy-based ink by 2000. The switch rendered the newspaper perfect for multi-purpose use!

Want to try this cleaning method out yourself? Grab your local paper and look for the official Soy Ink Seal to see whether the ink is petroleum-based or soy-based. You can also test by holding the paper between your thumb and index finger for a minute or more. If your fingers are stained, the paper uses petroleum-based ink and is no good for glass cleaning. If your fingers are stain-free, mix equal parts vinegar and water for your cleaning solution then use the newspaper to clean the glass as you would with a paper towel. You can also use old newspapers to ripen tomatoes, deodorize food containers, kill weeds and more, according to Friends of the Earth!

Other cleaning myths that ring true, too:
Club soda is A-OK for removing stains from carpet and some clothing items.
According to The Vinegar Institute, there are over 50 cleaning uses for white vinegar. However, keep vinegar far away from your hardwood floors and other waxed furniture.
Follow this video to turn your tarnished silver bright with items straight from your pantry: aluminum foil, water, baking soda, and salt.
Remove rust from metals by scrubbing with Coca-Cola and aluminum foil.
And yes – you can wash all your clothes clean with cold water and save on your utility bills, says Real Simple.
Happy cleaning and happy myth busting!

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What type of Dog Food?

proper dog food

Discovering your dog’s proper and balanced nutrition needs is an important part of keeping him healthy and happy. But not all adult food is the same. Learn how the right food can help him stay healthy throughout his adult years and prepare him for his senior years.


Choosing the right food for your adult dog includes supporting his unique health needs, which may include weight management, oral care, sensitive skin, digestion, activity level and more.

Highly active sporting dogs may require foods that are higher in energy, fat and protein. Weight management formulas are recommended for overweight dogs.

Golden lab Bulldog
If your pet is overweight, work with your veterinarian and consider trying a high-quality light food to help him shed pounds.

If your dog has sensitive skin or a sensitive stomach, consider a tailored grain- free or limited ingredient formula that can help minimize these issues.

For dogs that may be prone to plaque and tartar buildup, quality nutrition that’s specially formulated to help clean teeth and gums can support better dental health.

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Gambling Basics

Learn the basics of poker. Using the standard 4-suit 52-card deck, there are many variations of the game. For example, the ace normally plays high, but can sometimes play low (as the one card). A joker or other wild cards may be agreed upon. At the end of a game at the showdown, those players still remaining compare their hands according to the hand rankings (explained below).

Gambling Basics

Suits are not used to break ties, nor are cards beyond the fifth (don’t draw to break the tie); only the best five cards in each hand are used in the comparison. In the case of a tie, the pot is split equally among the tied/winning hands.
Wild cards introduce an additional hand, “five of a kind,” which normally ranks above a “straight flush”. When a joker is in play, it usually can only be used as (1) an ace or to (2) complete a straight or flush. It is not used as a true wild card.

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3D Scanning specializing in aircraft

3D scanning is the process of capturing digital information about the shape of an object with equipment that uses a laser or light to measure the distance between the scanner and the object. 3D scanning is also known as 3D Imaging, Laser Scanning, Laser Digitizing, and Digital Shape Sampling & Processing (DSSP).

3D scanning can capture data of very small objects all the way up to full size aircraft and buildings. It can be used for reverse engineering, computer-aided inspection, or simply documenting the shape for future use.

Scan Acquisition
By projecting a pattern of light onto an object and using two cameras at different angles to view the object, the “White or Blue Light Scanner” records several million “points” of data in 3-dimensional space. These points are then used to create polygons, making a “surface mesh.” Depending on the size of the object being scanned, either an automated rotating table will turn the object, stopping to take several different scans in 360 degrees, or the part/scanner can be manually turned to take the multiple scans.

Alignment and Combining
Once the scans have been captured, the software looks for similar shapes and geometry to align the multiple scans and combine them into a single object giving a 360 degree view. Overlapping/duplicate data can then be deleted to give you a complete meshed surface that can be viewed from all sides and angles.

Scan Applications
After the scan is complete and exported into a file format specified, it can be used in various software packages to produce things such as CAD models for reverse engineering, or color map deviation reports for product inspections.

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Amazon to expand its air-cargo operations

Amazon is working to expand its air-cargo operations, and over the weekend unveiled its first branded airplane, a refurbished Boeing 767-300. The Prime Air jet was shown off to the public in Seattle’s Seafair airshow. The company said they will have a fleet of 40 of the refurbished 767 jets up and flying in Amazon livery within a couple of years, to connect package-fulfillment centers across the country. Amazon already is working with Atlas Air to operate a fleet of 10 leased 767 freighters out of Wilmington, Ohio.

Amazon ships more than 1 billion packages a year, compared to about 3 billion delivered in a year by FedEx, according to Tribune News. The company will continue to use FedEx and UPS to ship packages, said Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of worldwide operations. “Because of our growth and the sheer amount of packages, we are supplementing our transportation needs,” he told the Tribune.

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What to look for buying printing equipment


Solving Challenges on a budget. Look for certified dealers with proven methods perfected over decades to solve the mainstream print myths that were hindering customers just like yourself. Look for dedication. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. A reputable dealer won’t mind answering questions. Most of the better printer supplies prefer a well informed client over one that doesn’t understand everything.

Competent at all elements in the print industry in the face of deadline pressure and budgetary constraints. We have more than twenty years of management operation experience in a corporate atmosphere managing our clients print devices. Look for a core management team that understands all facets of the print industry.

Certified Servicing Dealer

I look for a company with multiple certifications for most major manufactures in the small format copier and print industry as well as the wide format black and white and color space. Look for a full service dealership with certified technicians on staff. Ask what their response time will be. You cant make money if your equipment isn’t working.

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Best glass company in San Antonio

If you currently have architectural glass office walls installed at your business in San Antonio, but they are in need of repair or replacement, we can help with that, too. We stock standard-sized, insulated and tempered glass, and in cases when special sizes or types, such as mirrored glass, are required, we offer fast lead times on custom made panels. We back up our work with a one-year materials and labor guarantee, so you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with your glass office wall installation.

In addition to our glass office partition repair and installation services, we also offer a variety of other glazing services to meet all of your glass repair and replacement needs, including 24-hour emergency service, mirrored wall installation, frameless shower installation, window glass repair, and much more.

Glass replacement in San Antonio, TX. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about how we can provide you with exceptional glass office partition installation for your company in South Texas

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